Your second brain

Jetpack keeps you on top of your life.
It's the AI assistant that works where you work.

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Reminders when you need them

Remember anything effortlessly

Today's "productivity tools" are all made for naturally organized people. They make you work for them. Jetpack is different — it works for you. Jetpack takes the friction out of staying on top of your life.

Use it everywhere you work

Jetpack isn't another app. It's an intelligence layer on top of your existing workflow. Access Jetpack where you already work — through email, text, Slack, and more.

Works with third party apps
Doesn't use clunky form fields

Ditch the 2000s UI

You don't think in form fields. Communicate like you would with a person. Text Jetpack something like, "Remind me to get an oil change this week" and it will understand you. Jetpack is built with the latest breakthroughs in natural language processing.

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